The Potabi Foundation
Making a better open-source world.

Our Mission

Is to provide truly open-source and libre software with true Libertarian-esque values.

Our software and choice of licenses are designed to protect user freedoms, rather than developer

freedoms, which copyleft licenses often suffer from.

Our Work

The foundation works on many projects, with many more to come, and many more to continue supporting.

Here are the three main guiding projects owned and ran by the Potabi Foundation.


Potabi Systems

Ayras Desktop




Our Staff

This list is small, but this is the official foundation staff. Our foundation also has four other

contributing volunteers, whom all join to continue supporting the foundation and its projects.

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Kai Lyons

[email protected]

Kai is the founder and president of the Potabi Foundation. Kai is 18 years old, and once graduated from high school will be attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.